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Spill Containment

Limit the spread of spilled materials

Spill control efforts require equipment that would keep spilled materials from spreading. Various Spill Containment products are available from Seton such as Berms, Booms, Trays and more.


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Make sure that your facility is equipped to deal with any and all kinds of potential spills with Seton's selection of spill containment products!

Seton provides you with a variety of spill containment tools and items that are made to assist you when dealing with emergency spills. Choose from products such as Spill Pans, Trays, and Spill Containment Pallets to help keep these spills contained.

These spill control products are designed and constructed using materials that allow for excellent chemical resistance, which helps a lot when dealing with spilled chemical substances and oil. For additional convenience, these products are made to facilitate easy cleaning and storage too.

It is best to be prepared for possible spills in your facility with spill containment products from Seton, your one-stop spill containment shop!

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