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Specialty Spill Response and Containment products allow you to deal with even the most obscure types of spills that can happen in your facility. Seton’s selection includes Mercury Cleanup Kits, Fuel Solidifiers, Aqueous Spill Polymer Adsorbents and much more so you can deal with the unexpected. For the ultimate provider of facility safety supplies, there’s no better place to go than Seton.


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Be prepared for any kind of hazardous chemical spill – be it an acid, base or even mercury type of spill.

With Seton’s line of Specialty Spill Response and Control Products, you can easily and quickly take on all types of workplace spills. Choose from our great selection of specialty spill kits such as our Neutralizing Adsorbents that can handle small to medium-sized spills. We also carry Drip Sentinel™ Hose Wraps™ that contain leaks from hoses and fittings while our ENPAC Leak Repair Kit works great for plugging leaks from gasoline, biofuel, or diesel tanks. Stock up on your spill cleanup supplies now!

Only from Seton, your one-stop shop for quality spill control and response products.