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Display spill response methods in plain view

Knowing where absorbents, spill response materials and stations are located is crucial in an emergency. Seton provides different types of Spill Response Signs designed to make spill control quick and efficeint.


In a spill accident, the first and best solution is to contain the spill. For this, you need to have your spill kits ready and easily accessible.

Identify where all your spill kits and equipment are located with Spill Kit Signs. Our company offers a wide range of facility signs, caution and warning signs that are centered on spill kits. These signs tell you what emergency action needs to be taken in the event of a spill.

We also carry directional signs that point you where these spill kits and stations are in your facility. Choose from our different safety signs with wordings such as EMERGENCY SPILL RESPONSE EQUIPMENT, SPILL KIT INSIDE, SPILL RESPONSE KIT, SPILL CLEANUP KIT and more.

All of these only from Seton, your number one source for safety sign products.