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Eco-Friendly Spill Containment

Enviro-friendly absorbents for spill control and response

Spill containment products do not have to be dangerous to the environment. Seton offers a wide variety of Enviro-Friendly products, such as green absorbents, to assist in spill response efforts.


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Be ready to take on any spill while caring for the environment as well.With Seton’s full line of Enviro-friendly Spill Containment products, you can do that and much more! We carry a wide variety of enviro-friendly products such as absorbents and spill kits for water, oil, acid, base and most types of chemical spills. Our green pads and rolls are made from high-tech natural fibre cores, while our Enviro-Friendly Spill Pallets come from recycled polyethylene.Get these and more great absorbents and spill kits from Seton, your top source for eco-friendly spill containment products.