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ISO Compliant Seals

Discourage theft by using ISO compliant security seals

Keep your company assets safe from theft and unauthorized tampering by using Seton Canada’s security seals. Safety seals are designed to prevent deliberate or accidental tampering and discourage theft of company property and finished goods. Our padlock seals provide you with an inexpensive way of keeping your assets safe. Companies lose thousands of dollars every year due to the theft and pilferage of company utilities, but we can help you by providing you with the right tools to deter thieves. All of our security seals are ISO 17712 compliant which means you are getting nothing but the best. With Seton Canada, you can be sure your goods are safe.


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Why use safety seals?

Padlock seals are your first line of defense against opportunistic thieves. These products were designed to show signs of tampering. Since barrier seals are portable and easy to carry, they can be used to provide some level of security to chemical drums, utility meters, company and private vehicles, trolleys, air cargo containers, hazmat containers, ISO containers, food carts and just about anywhere.

Seton Canada’s security seals

We understand the different needs of our customers which is why we offer various safety seals for different applications. We carry plastic and metal seals designed to comply with ISO 17712 and C-TPAT standards. Our barrier seals are easy to use and can be installed without the use of tools. Our security seals feature varying pull apart strength depending on the type of seal you are using. Our most popular safety seals are our bolt type barrier seals and our plastic padlock seals.

Get it only from Seton Canada
We understand your need for top quality security products which is why we are committed to give you nothing but our finest security seals. With a wide selection of affordable safety seals, you can be sure we have the security seals you are looking for.