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Lighting & Flashlights

Equipment for emergency situations or dimly lit areas

Certain environments and situations require more than the normal amount of light. Seton offers a wide range of Lighting and Flashlight products as well as other personal protective equipment necessary for such situations. These include emergency lighting, flashlights and lightsticks.

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Help prevent slips and trips when power outages occur by providing personnel with emergency lighting options like flashlights.

When lights suddenly go out for whatever reason, you will need emergency lighting and flashlights to give workers some illumination. Accidental slips, bumps, and falls often happen in low light situations. These handy lighting products can help prevent such things from happening.

Having these lighting options on hand for such occurrences should always be part of your emergency preparedness plans. Check out our selection of light sticks, flashlights, and emergency lighting products to find what you need.

At Seton, we take your safety seriously.