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Fire Extinguishers

Stock up on fire protection

It is important for a facility to be prepared for fire-related emergency. Seton offers Fire Extinguishers, fire protection equipment and other PPE for responding to sudden fires.


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Prevent injuries and loss of life with effective fire safety programs that are complemented by government compliant fire safety equipment.

Fire extinguishers, emergency signs, and other fire-fighting devices are essential for fire emergency preparedness. Protect the people in your building with reliable fire-fighting equipment and accessories. Products like fire extinguisher brackets, smoke alarms, extinguisher tags, fire extinguisher signs and cabinets all help to create a fire protection and safety program that not only meets government standards, but also helps people in your facilities know what is happening, where to go and what to do in these emergencies.

Seton offers only products that meet and exceed government regulations. You can put your trust on Seton!

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