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Safety Eyewear

Protective eyewear to keep your eyes safe in high risk areas

Discover why Seton Canada is the leading source of safety glasses. Our glasses are designed to protect the wearer from the hazards of dirty and high-particulate jobs such as grinding, shaving, chipping and sanding. Aside from protecting the wearer from physical hazards, all our protective eyewear offer superior UV protection as well. We offer a wide selection of safety eyewear products including: Crews Blackjack Safety Eyewear, Sperian A700 Series Safety Glasses, AO Tour-Guard Safety Glasses, Nemesis Eyewear, Degil Spider Goggles, Sperian Polysafe and more. All our safety glasses offer nothing but superior eye protection in the most demanding work environments.

Protect your eyes at all times by using only high quality safety glasses from Seton Canada.


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39 Products

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Why Protecting Your Eyes with Safety Glasses is Important

Most of what we do require the use of our eyes. Injured eyes due to work-related accidents can leave a worker incapacitated for days or even months, which in turn can affect his livelihood and his ability to earn. Seton Canada’s safety glasses and eye goggles can help you protect your employees' most important assets.

Our Safety Glasses comply with ANSI and CSA Standards

Our huge line of protective eyewear are designed to meet ANSI Z87.1-2203 High Impact and CSA Z94.3 specifications to provide you with the most advanced eye protection in the market today.
Wide Range of Safety Glasses to Choose From
Choose from various glasses and safety goggles depending on your specific needs such as: Sperian Polysafe, Vapor Safety Eyewear, Uvex Genesis Safety Eyewear, Crews Bearkat Safety Eyewear, AO Safety Splash GoggleGear and much more. Each type of glasses offers their own brand of eye protection so feel free to choose the one that’s right for you. We also carry protective eyewear accessories including: Safecross Lens Cleaner, Uvex Clear Towelettes, Uvex Eyeglass Cords, Economy Eyewear Dispenser, Lens Cleaning Stations and more.
Experts in Safety Eyewear
At Seton Canada, we take safety seriously and so should you. Our large assortment of eye goggles and safety glasses will protect more than your employees eyes, it will protect their livelihood as well.

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