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Protective equipment against small particles

Particulate Respirators provide protection from particles that result from industrial activities such as sweeping, sanding, and others. These respirators are available from Seton in single-use and reusable models, as well as other safety supplies.


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    Particulate respirators from Seton are used for many different purposes.

    These respirators are used in the field of medicine to stop cross-contamination and prevent health professionals from inhaling harmful viruses. A standard part of most work wear in hospitals and facilities where biohazards are handled, some of these particulate respirators also feature gas or vapour relief features. One particular kind of respirator, the N95, was popularly used during the SARS, AH1N1 and avian flu outbreaks.

    If particulate respirators are not the right ones for you, other facepieces and safety gear are also available at Seton.