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Breathing equipment for workplace health and safety

PPE Respirators are face masks made to protect the mouth, throat and lungs from hazardous materials. Seton offers various Respirator types such as Particulate, Welding, Facepieces and other respirator systems.


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Protecting your workers from harmful particulates should always be a priority. Do this effectively with the help of respirators from Seton!

Respirators from Seton filter out hazardous materials from the air that your employees breathe. Various respirator types filter different particulates and contaminants - from bacteria and viruses to oily sprays and even dust. This makes them an integral part of a work wear set in a lot of facilities such as hospitals, manufacturing plants and even woodworking sites. These also come in both disposable and reusable choices.

Like the other kinds of PPE available at Seton, respirators are available in different models that meet the demands of a particular application.

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