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Helmet and Hard Hat add-ons for a variety of applications

Seton provides you with Head Protection Accessories for a number of needs. Head Protection Accessories include Cap and Beard Cover Dispensers, Replacement Brow Pads as well as Faceshield Frames which allow you to attach a Faceshield to your Hard Hat eliminating the need to purchase a separate faceshield. Visors are also available.


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Complement and complete your head protection gear with head protection accessories only from Seton!

Head protection accessories from Seton include head lamps, labels and hairnets. Head lamps are attached to hard hats and other head safety equipment to eliminate the need for employees to carry around a separate flashlight, especially when working in dark conditions where both hands are needed for faster work completion.

Labels are head gear accessories used to identify point persons and display the achievements and skills of an employee. These can be attached not only to hard hats, but also to other kinds of safety equipment.

Hairnets are generally popular in the food service industry. These head protection accessories are utilized to prevent stray hair from falling and getting mixed into food. A wall-mounted dispenser for hairnets, ideal for use in industrial kitchens, is also available at Seton.