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A variety of work gloves for different hand protection needs

Seton's wide selection of industrial gloves ensures you find a pair that suits your needs. We offer Work Gloves, Safety Gloves, Disposable Gloves and much more.


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Hand protection comes in many forms and Seton has a wide selection of gloves for keeping workers' hands protected.

Our gloves are available in different styles and variants. These include nitrile gloves, which are designed for use by people who suffer from latex allergies, and disposable gloves that are popular in the medical or food service industries. Partnered with the protective clothing or work wear that your employees use in your facility, these gloves will help increase the safety levels in your workplace. Other kinds of safety gear that complement these gloves include sleeves, coveralls and goggles, among others.

With Seton's large selection of safety gloves, you will surely find a pair that will match your specific hand protection needs.

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