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ARC Flash

Promote workplace safety by informing workers of Arc Flash hazards

Seton carries a complete line of equipment for implementing a proper Arc Flash Safety Program. We offer Arc Flash Labels and Arc Flash Signs each specifically designed to promote facility safety when working around electricity. Arc Flash Information is necessary for proper arc flash training of your workers. Arc Flash Labels & Signs feature regulation standard designs and layouts as well as customizable labels. Arc Flash and PPE helps you be in compliance and prevent arc flash injuries. Whatever your Arc Flash Safety needs, we have got you covered.


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    Keep workers protected from arc flash accidents with the help of ARC Flash products from Seton.

    Welders and other similarly-employed individuals require additional protection against the dangerous, electrical equipment they use everyday. Protect them against possible electrical shocks and other hazards with arc flash safety labels. Seton carries a wide range of products that are designed to reduce the possibility of accidents resulting from specialized industrial equipment. Choose from our various Arc Flash Labels that raise employee awareness of safety protocols regarding arc flashes and the hazards these bring. These self-adhesive, vinyl labels are easy to use and apply, making them very convenient to use whenever necessary.

    Keep your employees safe from potential hazards with arc flash safety labels from Seton!