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Lockout & Electrical

Lock out devices and proper implementation ensure electrical safety

Equipment for Lock out and Electrical Safety are important to prevent injuries related to electrical, machinery and equipment repair and maintenance. Lock out devices prevent accidental start-up of machinery during maintenance and repair, thus preventing injuries. Lock out and Electrical Safety Equipment include Ball Valve Lock outs, Cable Lock outs, Gate Valve Lock outs, Padlocks, Plug outs and Lock out Tags for a variety of Lock out Procedures. We also offer training videos, safety posters and other instructional aids all helping to create a safer work atmosphere in your facility.


Lockout & Electrical

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Unexpected or unauthorized power-ups of equipment during maintenance and repair procedures can result in injuries or even worse. It is for this reason that personnel must perform lockout procedures before maintenance on equipment is performed.

Seton offers a wide selection of Lockout and Electrical Safety equipment necessary for properly performing a lockout/tagout procedure. We carry a full range of Lockout Equipment, Lockout Kits and Cabinets, Padlocks, Tags, Signs and more. With all these different Lockout and Electrical Safety equipment, you won't have any trouble developing a lockout/tag out program that works best for your facility.

Get all your lockout/tagout needs from Seton, where safety is our priority!

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