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Store hazardous materials in Cylinders and move them safely with Seton’s comprehensive line of cylinder transport products. We’ve got Cylinder Racks, Carts, Status Signs and Stands that will ensure the stability, proper handling and safe storage of your Cylinders. Seton is the one-stop shop for all your facility safety needs.


Pressurized gas cylinders require more specialized storage equipment.

Here at Seton, we can provide you with the proper Cylinder storage equipment for the safe storage of all your gas cylinders. We offer free-standing Cylinder Racks and Cylinder Stands as well as wall mounted Cylinder Brackets, each ensuring safe and secure storage of gas cylinders. We also offer Cylinder Status Signs for cylinders containing acetylene, propane, oxygen, nitrogen and others.

Seton is committed to help you keep your facility safe with a wide selection of safety storage products.