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Storage Cabinets

Keep hazardous materials away using safety storage cabinets

Discover how storage cabinets from Seton Canada can help prevent life threatening accidents in your facility. Safety cabinets offer more than just keeping your area organized and clutter-free, they also help keep toxic and hazardous materials in an area where they won’t be able to cause any harm. Our compact safety cabinets are designed for storing highly hazardous materials such as toxic fluids, corrosive substances, pesticides, flammable liquid, oxidizing agents, gas cylinders and more. Using our safety cabinets to contain dangerous goods is the best way to keep your employees safe and your facility compliant to the latest safety standards. Make sure you keep your workers safe with our safety cabinets.


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15 Products

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Huge selection of safety cabinets

To meet the demands of various industries, Seton Canada carries a large selection of cabinets designed to store specific materials. We have chemical and flammable cabinets designed to keep toxic and high flammable materials out of harm’s reach. Most of our safety cabinets are made from 18-gauge steel for maximum durability and superior performance.

We can provide you with the cabinet to suit your specific needs. Some of our most popular products include compact safety cabinets, wall mounted cabinets, piggyback cabinets, ULC listed safety storage cabinets, piggyback style cabinets, safety acid storage cabinets, ULC approved flammable storage cabinets, and more. All of our cabinets feature a double wall construction that meets OSHA and NFPA safety standards to provide you and your workers with the highest level of protection.

Protect your employees with high performance storage cabinets

If your facility handles hazardous substances such as chemicals, petroleum products, corrosive substances and flammable liquids then you should be using one of our storage units. These safety cabinets are built with vents and flame arresters to help regulate the internal temperature of the cabinets. When choosing the right cabinets for your facility it’s not wise to choose just any cabinet, make sure you’re using safety storage cabinets from Seton Canada.