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Inform workers of Emergency Eyewash Station locations

Eyewash Signs feature graphics and text that make it easy for your employees to locate emergency eyewash and shower stations. This helps ensure minimal injuries in the event of an emergency. Seton offers Eyewash Signs as well as other safety signs including Informational Signs, Safety Alert Signs and Equipment Location Markers. All are available in a number of sizes, materials and text, ensuring you find one that best suits your facility's needs.


The locations of various emergency eyewash stations in and around your facility need to be properly marked. This helps ensure that workers see and know where these stations are.

These eyewash signs help minimize the time it takes for your workers to reach eyewash stations in the event of chemical splashes to their eyes. Since washing substances out of your eyes should be done as soon as possible, having signs that show you where to go helps immensely.

Our line of Emergency Eyewash Station Signs are the proper equipment for this purpose. Models include Emergency Eyewash Safety Equipment Markers, Safety Alert Signs, Rigid High Visibility Eyewash Signs and more.

Seton's eyewash signs are made from high-quality materials - assuring you of fade resistance and a long service life.