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Stay prepared for any biohazard emergency in the workplace

Keep your workplace prepared to respond to any biohazard emergency with Seton's full range of biohazard supplies. We’ve got Biohazard Spill Kits, Biohazard Labels, Biohazard Waste Bags, Barricade Tapes, First Aid Kits and more. These supplies will not only keep your employees safe in case a spill or contamination breaks out; they’ll also keep your company compliant with safety regulations mandated by the government.


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Biohazard Equipment let you handle infectious waste without the danger of exposure or contamination.

Biohazard equipment help with the proper handling of waste that can cause the spread of diseases, self-contamination and even injuries. Seton carries a line of products that help prevent these problems from happening. One product that belongs to this line of biohazardous protective equipment is the Sharps-A-Gator Disposal Container, necessary for the safe disposal of used or contaminated needles, syringes, scalpels and other sharp objects.

We also carry products like the Law Enforcement Biohazard Kit. This kit protects law enforcement officers from exposure to blood, vomit, urine and other potentially biohazardous fluids. These biohazard kits contain equipment such as disposable Tyvek suits, fluid solidifiers, disposable evidence tubes and more. Evidence Tubes can also be purchased separately - only here at Seton!