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Badge Holders & Inserts

Make personnel identification easy with badge holders

It's nearly impossible to manage your ID Badges without a Badge Holder. Without properly displaying an ID, you may as well not have brought it to work. That's why proper Badge Holders and ID Management aids are essential in most security programs. Seton Canada offers a wide range of badge clips, badge holders and other tools to help you manage personnel and visitors to your facility, while maintaining security and preventing trespassers and intruders on the premises. Keep your environment as well as your personnel, secure, protected, organized and safe by working with Seton Canada's wide selection of identification solutions such as ID badges and ID holders.


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Workers may be the heart, life blood, and soul of any thriving work place or facility, but no operation can labor at peak efficiency without ID management, and the most common form of that in today's industrialized environment is the ID Badge and its ID Badge Holder. You might think the ID Badge Holder to just be a mere accessory to be ignored, but an ID is of little use if it can't be seen at a glance. Just as a car is useless without wheels, an ID is useless without a way to display it.

Thankfully, Seton Canada carries a wide selection of solutions and aids to any ID management effort, the better to allow you to manage personnel and visitors in your facility, as well as enhancing security by preventing unauthorized intruders and countering trespassing attempts that could result in criminality and victimization. Seton Canada offers everything from badge holders to badge clips to badge inserts. Arm Band Badge Holders provide a convenient alternative to loose-hanging lanyards or fragile clips, and Colour-Coded Horizontal Badge Holders provide further options for organizing ID badges as well as personnel types, including visitors. Though you may have ID Badges, check out Seton Canada's useful collection ID Badge Holders, as they're critical to making your personnel and ID management an easy, simple task.