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Ammonia Pipe Markers

Clearly mark your Ammonia Pipes with Opti-Code

Seton Canada's selection of Ammonia Pipe Markers will make surveying and identifying the Ammonia Pipes in your facility, work site or complex an easy and simple task. Look up refrigeration information at a glance and without error. Pass regulatory and safety inspections with flying colors. Seton also offers specialized labels for different conditions, purposes and tasks, useful for any pipe marking need with regards to ammonia. Choose from Opti-Code, Setmark and Ultra-Mark materials.

Buy your Ammonia Pipe Markers, or other pipe and valve markings, from Seton Canada, and you can be assured of an efficient, satisfying customer experience, meeting your facility and infrastructural organization needs with a minimum of fuss, frustration and hassle.


    Content of Your Ammonia Pipes

    Ammonia is a highly useful substance in many industries, including agriculture, refrigeration, sanitation and hygiene, and chemical synthesis. However, it often requires special handling and treatment, which makes proper maintenance of any Ammonia Pipes and other chemical infrastructure critical to keeping your operation running smoothly. To that end, having readable, highly informative and noticeable Ammonia Pipe Markers and Pipe Labels is a large part of keeping your ammonia-handling equipment in shape and compliant with laws and regulations.

    Ammonia Pipe Marker Info

    Any and all pipes carrying ammonia requires that a variety of information be present and available on the pipe marker, be it a low stage suction pipe or a liquid injection cooling channel. Pipe markers indicate the pressure level, direction, characteristic, etc. of the ammonia content.

    Why order from Seton Canada?

    Seton's line of Ammonia Pipe Markers lets you properly label pipes carrying ammonia in a convenient manner. Our ammonia pipe labels conform to IIAR pipe identification specifications and are made from high quality materials that resist wear and tear and maintain readability for a long period of time with minimal maintenance. Opti-Code marking terminology and codes are widely recognized and easily identifiable to any qualified inspecting personnel. Don’t mishandle your Ammonia Pipes, and let Seton help you find the best solution.