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High Performance Pipe Markers

Provides a clear and easy method of pipe identification

Quickly identify the contents of pipes in your facility with the help of Seton Canada’s high-performance pipe markers. It’s the responsibility of the employer to make sure that his facility has an exceptional pipe identification system. This helps workers, emergency personnel and contractors identify the contents of each pipe during emergencies. Properly marked pipes also help workers trace specific lines during pipe maintenance. State and federal safety laws require companies to use pipe labels to clearly mark pipes not only for efficiency but also for the safety of everyone. Do your part in keeping your facility safe and organized with Seton Canada’s high-performance pipe markers.


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Why use high-performance pipe labels

Most pipes are exposed to harsh and extreme conditions including high temperatures, bad weather and toxic chemicals. Regular pipe markers will not last long in these unforgiving surroundings. Facilities often look to high-performance markers to improve their pipe identification system because these types of markers are designed to last longer.

Pipe markers from Seton Canada

At Seton Canada, we provide you with the pipe labels to suit the specific needs of your facility. Our markers are made from durable polyester with a clear overlaminate that acts as a shield from bad weather, high humidity, chemicals and abrasions. All of our markers comply with ASME (ANSI) A13.1-2007 safety standards and are available for pipes of various sizes. Some of our most popular pipe markers include: Ultra-Mark® and Xtreme-Code pipe labels to name a few. They come with easy to ready text and optional arrow symbols to show the flow of the pipe contents.

Custom pipe markers
If you can’t find the right markers for your facility’s pipe identification system you can easily create a customized pipe label with the help of our online customization tool. This tool will help you choose the size, colour, material, graphics and wording of your marker and we will do the rest.