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Pipe Markers
Valve Tags & Fasteners
Name Plates


Pipe Markers pipe markers

Find information on in-stock and customizable pipe markers that help identify pipe contents. Seton offers a variety of markers to fit your needs, whether you need pipe markers for indoor or outdoor use, for pipes of different sizes, or for excellent chemical resistance.

     •  Arrows-On-A-Roll™ Tape

     •  Medical Gas Pipe Markers

     •  Opti-Code™ Pipe Markers

     •  Roll Form Pipe Markers

     •  Self-Adhesive Electrical Markers

     •  Setmark® Pipe Markers

     •  Seton Code™ Pipe Markers

     •  Stencils

     •  Ultra-Mark™ High Performance Pipe Markers

     •  Weather-Code™ Outdoor Pipe Markers

     •  Wrap Around Adhesive Roll Pipe Markers

     •  Xtreme-Code™ High Performance Pipe Markers


Valve Tags & Fasteners tags

Hang and secure tags to ensure quick identification. Read specifications on Seton’s valve tags and fasteners to see how they are designed for high temperature exposure, easy removal, or rust and corrosion resistance.

     •  Beaded Chain (Brass, Nickel, Aluminum) Fasteners

     •  Brass Jack Chain & Brass S-Hook Fasteners

     •  Brass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Valve Tags

     •  Laser Engraved Anodized Aluminum Valve Tags

     •  Plastic Valve Tags

     •  Engraved Setonply® Valve Tags


Name Plates Nameplates

Seton has equipment name plates and engraved signs to help you manage manufacturing and industrial assets. View details on the durability and easy customization of the name plates and engraved signs available from Seton.

     •  Anodized Aluminum Nameplates

     •  Etched Nameplates

     •  Screen Printed Nameplates

     •  Engraved Nameplates


Padlocks padlocks submittal

Ensure you have the right padlocks for your lockout tagout procedure and stay OSHA compliant. View detailed product data on our best-selling padlocks.