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Arc Flash Labels

Warn your workers of Arc Flash dangers and hazards

Electrical Arc Flashes can pose a dangerous hazard for workers and bystanders working with flash-prone equipment. Prevent injuries and accidents by clearly marking potential hazards using Arc Flash Labels. Arc Flash Labels can be affixed directly to equipment or work areas at higher risk of Arc Flash, notifying personnel at the point of greatest danger. At Seton Canada we offer Labels & Decals to cover every need, from Arc Flashes to other hazards electrical and otherwise. Prevention is the best defense against accidents and injury. Choose from our wide selection of Arc Flash Labels, and find everything you need to protect your workers and comply with regulations.


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Arc Flash Labels and keeping aware of electrical hazards

A wayward Arc Flash can burn extremely hot, causing grievous injury and equipment or property damage. Nothing good can come of searing, uncontrolled bolts of electricity channeling through the air. Keep such dangers and accidents remote by making sure your workers are well-informed of any Arc Flash or other electrical hazards. Use Arc Flash Hazard Labels to identify at-risk equipment and recommend proper protective gear and safety procedures so nearby personnel, visitors, inspection officials and bystanders.

Arc Flash Labels with PPE Reminders

Hazard labels also remind busy workers of proper procedure and the importance of observing detailed and comprehensive safety protocol. Use a label that includes a PPE Checklist to remind workers about exactly which pieces of personal protective equipment is needed when operating or working near at-risk equipment or sites. Checklists can include gloves, boots, insulated clothing, eye, ear or respiratory protection, and all manner of equipment designed to deal with more than just arc flashes. Some forms of labeling are required by law and essential to staying compliant with safety regulations and passing inspection.

Avoid damage, injury, and pass legal muster with Seton Canada's Arc Flash Labels.