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First Aid Labels and Decals

Clearly mark the location of first aid kits with first aid labels

First Aid Labels are needed for marking individual items. First Aid Labels remind employees of potential hazards and to take proper care in first aid procedures.


18 Products

Set Descending Direction

18 Products

Set Descending Direction

Be prepared during emergencies

Accidents and injuries can happen anytime and anywhere, and the best way to handle these situations is to always be prepared. Seton Canada’s first aid labels clearly points out the location of the nearest first aid supplies, allowing you to respond in a shorter amount of time. These AED labels are especially handy when people are panicking or are in a state of confusion.

Choose Seton Canada’s first aid decals

We house a wide range of first aid labels to meet the specific needs of your company. You can choose from vinyl or paper labels which all come with a strong adhesive backing, allowing you to apply them almost anywhere. These first aid decals are available in various sizes and feature recognizable first aid symbols and easy-to-read messages and graphics. Some of our most popular products include: automated external defibrillator inside AED labels, infectious waste labels , hazard identity biohazard labelsand many more.

First aid labels can be used anywhere
We understand the importance of keeping your workers safe during emergencies which is why we provide you with first aid labels that meet your facility’s requirements. Our versatile first aid decals can be used anywhere including hospitals, schools, office buildings, restaurants, construction sites, mining sites and more. Do your part in protecting your employees by using aed labels from Seton Canada.