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Label Dispensers

Organize your labels with label dispensers

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way of dispensing labels, then you should use label dispensers from Seton Canada. We offer a variety of tape dispensers ideal for both large and small labeling applications. Our label holders are designed to make the process of separating a label from the backing tape fast and easy. Label dispensers provide the operator with labels ready to be applied, saving time and increasing productivity. Tape dispensers are also good for organizing different labels such as the ones used for inventory, shipping and receiving, quality control and more. For the best labels holders, trust only Seton Canada.


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3 Products

Set Descending Direction

The many uses of label holders

Label dispensers are highly versatile tools that can be used in various applications. Some of the most common uses of tape dispensers include marking important packages for shipping, displaying the condition of goods after going through quality assurance, helps keep your inventory organized and updated, bulk mailing, labeling food products and many more.

Offering various label holders

Seton Canada carries a wide selection of label dispensers made from durable materials ideal for rough industrial environments. Our most popular dispensers include: table-top dispensers, industrial tape dispensers and adjustable label dispensers. These dispensers all come with suction cup feet to keep the item in place during use and also enable the dispenser to be mounted on walls. Some of our tape dispensers can carry multiple rolls of tapes and labels allowing the operator to do several tasks all at once.

Why choose Seton Canada
Our industrial tape dispensers are easy to use and can handle almost any labeling job in your facility. They can be used in most operating conditions ready to dispense new labels in seconds. These label holders are designed to provide you with trouble-free service for years. So pick up your label dispensers from the industry leader, Seton Canada