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Calibration Labels

Facilitate machine maintenance with calibration labels

Modern work sites, factories, and other industrial facilities are almost always reliant on machines to get work done. And those machines are in constant need of repair, cleaning, calibration, and an orderly, regular maintenance cycle. Keep your cycle hassle-free by employing calibration labels at each level of execution. Use different kinds of calibration labels to suit the needs of your site or facility’s machinery, and highlight specific types of procedures, such as recalibration, cleaning, repair, testing or regulatory safety inspections as called for by the task or equipment to be addressed. Stick with Seton Canada to make machine maintenance safety easy and convenient.

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Calibration Labels for Machine Maintenance

Contemporary technologies and modern industries such as manufacturing, precision engineering, and other fields that employ a lot of machinery always come with a considerable maintenance burden. Working machines must be kept clean, well-maintained, constantly be calibrated and recalibrated, and kept up to federal and state safety standards through regular inspection. This is why a comprehensive and detailed maintenance schedule must be enforced by well-placed and visible calibration labels.

Labels for Information and Inspection

Employ calibration labels at the point of usage by attaching them to the equipmentitself. Many types of labels allow write-on information for better dispersal of critical instructions and safety reminders. Use labels to keep up with inspection status updates and mark equipment or machinery as OK to use.

Other uses of Calibration Labels

For supplies and other machines with a finite lifespan, try labels to warn workers and inspectors of shelf life and expiry date. Or keep up with an inspection cycle with one single label by having double-use, double-entry inspection/calibration labels.

All this and more is available for you when you choose Seton Canada. Meet all your labelling needs in one place.