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Custom Traffic Signs

Regulate vehicle and pedestrian traffic using your own words

Custom traffic signs from Seton Canada offer a flexible solution to all your traffic control needs. Our custom street signs will help you to effectively regulate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic in your facility. Use our custom road signs to communicate important information to motorists and pedestrians to keep intersections, street networks and walkways safe. Custom traffic signs are great, especially if standard traffic signs can’t give you what you need. Custom street signs also give you the freedom to create a unique traffic sign specifically for the needs of your facility or business. Promote road safety while giving your traffic signs a personal touch with the help of semi-custom message signs from Seton Canada.

Benefits of using custom traffic signs

Custom street signs offer flexibility in terms of creation and usage. For example, one custom road sign can be created to be used in towns, schools, cities, villages, businesses, road districts, shopping centers, hospitals, construction areas, golf courses, airports, residential areas and more. 

Create unique custom street signs
Seton Canada can help you create custom road signs using an application found in our website. This application will help you choose from the types of custom traffic signs we offer such as custom pedestrian signs, custom screen printer cones, semi-custom worded signs, custom-sized traffic signs and more. The first step in creating custom traffic signs is by choosing the type of material you need such as aluminum, steel, polyethylene and more. Once you’ve decided on the material it’s time to choose the size, shape and colour. You can then add your custom wording and we’ll do the rest. Some of our custom road signs let you add graphics and logos; some come with OSHA and ANSI compliant headers, others are available in standard for everyday use or reflective for increased visibility during the night. 

Custom traffic signs and accessories
Increase the performance of your custom street signs by pairing them up with any of our custom worded PVC sign system, custom flexible sign systems, custom screen printed cones and more. Seton Canada will help you make roads safer for motorist and pedestrians with our custom traffic signs.