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Custom Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers

Identify pipes using your own words and symbols

Seton Canada can help you mark your facility’s pipes and identify their contents with our custom self-adhesive pipe markers. Our custom pipe markers are perfect for marking new pipes or updating your facility’s existing pipe markers. Using our custom pipe labels will enhance your company’s visual safety system and at the same time promote very safe work conditions. Using the correct custom pipe labels will help workers identify several pipes that are side by side. Using our custom self-adhesive pipe markers to correctly label pipes ensures that accidents are prevented. Remember to keep your facility safe for your employees with the help of custom pipe markers from Seton Canada.

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Use custom self-adhesive pipe markers to properly identify your pipes

Safety regulations require companies to properly identify their facility’s pipes that potentially carry dangerous substances and chemicals. Custom pipe markers can help you identify those pipes that pose a danger to life and property. By using the correct pipe identification system, you can prevent accidents resulting from workers’ lack of knowledge about the contents of individual pipes.

Choose from our popular custom pipe markers or create your own

We carry a large selection of custom pipe labels including: OptiCode pipe markers, custom Seton Code economy pipe markers, custom roll-form pipe markers, custom ultra-mark snap-around high performance pipe markers, outdoor pipe markers, custom pipe markers on a roll, custom wrap around adhesive pipe markers, custom graphic OptiCode™ pipe markers and more. If you can’t find what you need creating a custom pipe marker is easy because Seton Canada has an online tool that will guide you every step of the way. Our online tool will help you choose the colour, size, wording and graphic for your custom self-adhesive pipe markers.

Seton is the leader in custom pipe labels
Protect your workers from serious injuries by enhancing your pipe identification program using Seton Canada’s custom self-adhesive pipe markers. We produce only the highest quality pipe markers guaranteed to withstand rough conditions.