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Custom Quickguard Asset Tags

Use durable, customizable asset id tags for tracking and identification

Your inventory doubtless has its own unique scheme for management and your operation has its own unique needs for organization. Why risk productivity and inefficiency with non-customizable tool when you can employ durable, easily tailored Asset Identification Tags in your facility, factory, work site, or business operation? Effective and specialized labeling is a fundamental part of efficient asset management, which in turn is a key factor in keeping a business healthy, maximizing resources, space and time, while minimizing risk, clutter, and wasted space or opportunity. Trust Seton Canada to offer the most effective asset id tags and other identification solutions to your organizational needs.

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Why opt for custom asset tags?

When an active business, warehouse, industrial facility, manufacturing site or other workplace can live or die by its efficiency, it’s not the time to skimp on the fundamentals. Having a highly durable base line for effective organization of your inventory, assets, equipment and other goods is absolutely critical. Custom asset id tags can be your secret weapon in the war against inefficiency. Use these asset labels in any capacity, as they can be customized towards any labeling need with wording that suits the unique duties and capacities of your facility or operation. Choose from multiple colour options to aid in classification and sorting.

Quickguard Custol Foil Labels

Asset ID Tags are made from the highly durable anodized aluminum foil material, which is resistant against wear and tear including temperature, weather, friction, grease, chemicals, and more. They are useful for both indoor and outdoor marking and can work in any number of industrial and commercial situations. Don’t skimp on the fundamentals and choose Seton Canada for your asset identification needs.